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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lard and numb fingers

Yesterday I decided to pull the remaining 40 some odd pounds of leaf lard out of my freezer and render it down. Pro's?  I have 6 quart jars in addition to the other 6 I have left from the last go around. Con's?  It took 10 hours, a numb finger and a gorgeous day of gardening gone to waste. But by golly I've got enough cooking fat to last the rest of the year! I wasn't able to get through all of it so there's about 15 pounds in the freezer until I can get to it on another rainy day.

I've been reading up on the all the different cooking oils and why which ones are good and why which ones are bad. Man! There is so much information out there it's unbelievable.  I had read about canola oil and its bad effects several months ago and decided to pull up some links on Google to see what other research I could pull up. It really and truly is disgusting what we put in out bodies. 

Now let's go to lard. For the longest time it got a bad rap for being fattening and all this crazy mess. Well...lets see here. Lard comes from pig fat. Not from a toxic genetically modified plant.  Not from a chemical factory. But from pig fat. And you cook it down! That's it! It's got less the amount of cholesterol than that of butter and guess what? It is full of monounsaturated fats which are...wait for it! GOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR HEART!

Just go here to read some information for yourself:

I've made the switch from vegetable oil, Crisco, and canola oil. Will you?

What oils do you cook with? Do you read the labels on your items before you buy them to we what's going into your body?

Rant for the day over. Thanks for stopping by, yall!

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