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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Glitter & Chevron

Now, I know today is St. Paddy's Day and most people were partyin' it up but all I felt like doing today was lounging around in my pj's and doing some crafts (okay, one craft) that I've been dying to do.  I first saw this pink chevron canvas on Pinterest and fell in love.  I thought to myself: I have to have this in my house.  Sooner rather than later.  So I pinned it and went back to it this morning only to find that it wasn't a was just a picture.  NNNNOOOOOOO!  So anyways, I got out this half curved ruler and a pencil and my canvas and decided I would just figure out how to do it myself.  How hard can making a chevron pattern be?  Pretty effing hard seeing as how it took me 3 hours to make this darn thing! Anyhow: here's my way of doing it!  Hopefully it won't take you as long!

Supplies you'll need:

craft paint (whatever color you like) 
glitter (Martha Stewart has the best colors)
canvas (I used a 16x20 I got at Michael's for 50% off)
1" foam brush
mod podge
masking tape

I started out by measuring 3 inches up from the bottom of the canvas and drew a small line. I continued this step on the right side and the center of the canvas.  I had to ask the HB how to explain these directions because I just kinda drew lines until it looked right.  His directions were to take the width of the canvas (mine was 16") and divide that by 5 (because there are 5 points in one line). Once you get that first line down, it's easy peasy from there.

From every point on the first line, I measured 3 inches up and made a small dash.  From there you can connect your lines to make the chevron pattern.  

Once you've got your lines drawn, you want to tape off all of your lines with 1" masking tape.  Remember that you are going to be skipping a stripe so make note on what stripe you want your paint and what stripe you want your glitter.  You're going to be alternating them. (Paint, plain stripe, glitter, plain stripe, paint, plain stripe, glitter, plain stripe)

You may have to paint a few coats to get it the color you want.  

Once your paint drys, paste on your mod podge and sprinkle your glitter.  Use an old paintbrush to help distribute the glitter along the stripe.  Caution: You may want to do this part outside when it's warm because this gets messy!

And there you have it, your own Chevron canvas!

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