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Monday, March 25, 2013

Random Ramblings & Busy Days

Hello all!  I have not forgot about you, I promise.  I'm at a loss of thought on posts so any suggestions would be appreciated. Here's an update to what I've been up to the past few days.  My seedlings that I planted about a month ago have really taken off and I've planted my green beans and purple hull peas in their containers.  They are patiently waiting upstairs until I can get them outside.  The iceberg lettuce I planted didn't like my seedling trays so I planted some in another container and they are hanging out in the kitchen looking gorgeous.  The peppers and carrots are sprouting nicely and they too are awaiting the warmer weather.

Yesterday was a lazy day filled with basketball and a trip to Home Depot.  The HB is going to make me a hot plate out of my wine corks and some picture frame wood I picked up at Michael's on clearance a while back.  I'll do a post on that when he gets around to making it.  He's a busy man ya know.

Today was spent making a delicious sweet potato pie for my neighbors who had never had one before.  You can find the recipe from   They seemed very pleased when I stopped over.  We'll see what their feedback was.  I'm curious!  I also spent the day canning more chicken broth that I made yesterday.  The freezer is filling up fast with chicken bones and leftover veggies.  Knitting is on my list of things to start as well.  I found a tutorial for some cute baby Mary Jane's that I'm ecstatic to start working on!

Making a menu plan was also on my list of things to do for the week.  Today was Mexican chicken casserole with corn in butter sauce (Green Giant makes a delicious side dish).  Tuesday: breakfast night (bacon with hash brown egg cups); Wednesday: bacon wrapped filet minion's in the crockpot with onion soup mix and stew veggies; Thursday: fried chicken with mashed potatoes and 30 minutes rolls.  Friday: eat out night!

I'm sure some blog posts will come out of a lot of these meals.  I watched The Pioneer Woman today and she had some amazingly easy recipes such as the hash brown and egg cups that I'll show y'all how to make.  

Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend!  

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